January 27, 2023

Intentional Community

Click below if you have any interest living in a community now or in the future. There will be households for Catholic Young Adult professionals and separate households for college students.

POINT OF CLARIFICATION: This intentional community initiative is distinct from the Catholic Social Organization initiative. The Frassati House will host an intentional community alongside the Catholic Social Organization and the Day Retreat Center.

If you or anyone you know want to belong to such a community or support this endeavor, please let us know.

For anyone interested in learning more, you can click and review the following documents about these intentional communities.

  1. Rule of Life – The commitments of the Residents.

  2. Code of Conduct – Expounds upon all the expectations of the residents in regard to their behavior.

  3. Intentional Community Manual – Explores the logistics of the Intentional Community such as the roles, responsibilities, and procedures, and explains each aspect of the Rule of Life.