January 27, 2023

Donation Policy

Thank you so much for considering a donation to Cor Unum. This apostolate cannot happen without your support. Our commitment is to be transparent about our expenses and the use of all donations. Our informal motto: “it’s not about the property, and it’s not about the profit, it’s about the people.” And we very much want to honor the intention in which you have made your contribution and the people you intend to serve.

You have 2 allocation options when you “Donate Now.”

1) To help with our ongoing expenses in trying to make the Frassati House a reality. With this option, your donation will help with our start-up costs, which we are currently paying out of pocket.

2) To be allocated specifically as apart of the downpayment of the Frassati House property loan. In this case, the money will go into the Cor Unum Savings account as we try to raise $1 million.

For those who make pledges via the Feasibility Survey, we won’t collect these pledged amounts until we are sure we have the support and finances to establish the Frassati House prudently.

If there is not enough support or something else prevents the Frassati House from being established at this time, we would contact you with the option of returning the donated amount immediately. If the complication was that the conditional use permit was not granted, then we may contact you with the opportunity to transfer your donation to a new property. Either way, the money will not be spent on anything other than what has been communicated to the benefactor ahead of time.