January 27, 2023

Determining Feasibility

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The Frassati House—Determining Feasibility

We hope you are as excited about this beautiful and unique way to cultivate faith and community. Your support makes the Frassati House happen. The property is in the process of being purchased by a third party who will hold on to it during this feasibility phase. When we have enough support the third party will renovate and prepare the Frassati House and turn over the property and loan into Cor Unum’s name who will place the property into a Foundation.

Objectives of the Feasibility Study


Crunching numbers on loan repayment, utilities, property maintenance, daily cleaning, insurance, and other related property expenses, we will have expenditures around $168k to $231k (if we have to pay interest on a loan) per year. For people interested in learning more about the breakdown of expenses, please reach out and we can discuss the details.


  1. Residents—$66,000 a year from 10 residents paying $550 a month. It will take about a year to get this many residents.

  2. Sponsorships—Sponsors contributing anywhere from a few dollars to $25 per month is going to be essential to offset the growing intentional community, operate the Frassati House, and fund formation. 

3 Years to Full Vibrancy

The intentional community will take about a year time to fill up due to the application process and potential residents are currently in leases. The Frassati House activities may be somewhat limited to concern over the Corona Virus, but we are confident that in three years the Intentional Community and the Catholic Social Organization will be running smoothly.

Contingency Plan

For those who pledge donations via the Feasibility Survey, we won’t collect these pledged amounts until we are sure we have the support and finances to establish the Frassati House prudently.

If there is not enough support or something else prevents the Frassati House from being established at this time, we would contact you with the option of returning the donated amount immediately. If the complication was around the use of the Highland property, then we may contact you with the opportunity to transfer your donation to a new property. Either way, the money will not be spent on anything other than what has been communicated to the benefactor ahead of time.