December 2, 2022

Welcome to Cor Unum!

UPDATE: We are currently working with the neighbors to find an agreeable arrangement. Otherwise, we plan on using this particular property for another community building possibility that we know will be approved and which will still be in accord with our Catholic mission of building community. Even if not here we still hope to establish a place for young adult community soon. Please pray for God’s will to prevail.

Please join us in establishing the Frassati House, a place dedicated to the young adult community (ages 21-39). The Frassati House seeks to create a culture conducive to holiness by evangelizing through community, faith, culture, and beauty. Your support is necessary to make this vision a reality.

Since there are no fees for members, the Frassati House will operate through the donations of sponsors. We encourage the broader community who wants a place like this for young adults to consider sustaining the Frassati House through monthly or one time donations as a sponsor.

Check our our Donation Policy for any concerns. 

Explore Cor Unum’s mission, this proposal for the membership-based Catholic Social Organization at the Frassati House, and our plan to establish intentional communities for Catholic Young Adult professionals to live together in a household of charity, respect, and support.

The Catholic Church has the best theology of community, but what good is an excellent theology if we don’t also work for its corresponding reality? A WHAT without a WHERE is NOWHERE, and many of us feel like there is NOWHERE to go for the everyday life-giving community we desire. This is our chance for an authentic Catholic community. We need a culture of encounter which vitalizes our faith and leads to a culture of love. Click here to explore WHY THE FRASSATI HOUSE IS NEEDED?

Presenting the Frassati House

Your partnership is needed today. Catholic Young Adults (ages 21 to 39) pledge a membership now and help spread the word to propel the Frassati House into reality.


What’s included in a membership?

1. Community: Daily access to the Frassati House, a place for everyday virtuous community, including the amenities described under the Community Activities tab above.

2. Formation: Membership includes the formation and social events that will be sponsored by Cor Unum in collaboration with the Diocese and other groups like Dumb Ox Ministries.

3. Evangelize: Members can take the lead on creating community from organizing socials at the Frassati House and brining their own friends, other members, and/or inviting the broader community to member-lead initiatives like prayer groups, bible studies, support groups, speaker series, game nights, etc. Simply create an event, reserve a room, and do it!

4. Socialize: Access one of many spaces for relaxation and leisure (the grounds, the sunroom, the oratory, the community kitchen, the pool house, the social area, the porches and patios, the meeting rooms), enjoy the coffee house throughout the day, and/or use the community kitchen to prepare and enjoy meals for yourself or a larger group.

5. Support: Support the mission of the Frassati House to evangelize through community, faith, culture, and beauty. There are no membership fees, this ministry relies on the donations of Frassati sponsors.

Sponsoring the Frassati House

1. Support: Provide the support that allows the Frassati House to evangelize through community, faith, culture, and beauty. Your support makes the Frassati House possible.

2. Updates: Receive updates about the Evangelical efforts of the Frassati House.

3. Volunteer: Opportunities to volunteer and assist the formation and social events of the Frassati House.

If you want to help make this place a reality, consider pledging $3, $5, $15, $25 a month, or any monthly amount to help us, especially in our first few years. This will help offset membership costs and allow us to provide great formation for the young adult community. Would you like to sponsor a specific young person? Let us know!

And perhaps you want to help us raise $1,000,000 as a downpayment. Learn more on the website and pledge your support. Pledges will only be collected once we know we can move forward and establish the Frassati House. Click here to PLEDGE A DOWNPAYMENT CONTRIBUTION.

Explore this website to learn more about Cor Unum and our initiatives.

If you have any questions or concerns about how we are handling donated and pledged funds, please click here to read our DONATION POLICY.

In Christ,

Fr. Ryan Hallford